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  The terrace and the lounge bar  

Marulivo Hotel is a journey in a land where time has stopped running.
We are located in the middle of the Cilento National Park, an ancient land, a living landscape proclaimedWorld Heritage by UNESCO: a Interno dell'Hotel Marulivo [ click to enlarge ]unique blend of people, mountains and sea.
Along the crystal-clear waters of the Coast of Palinuro, in the small fairytale village of Pisciotta, poised between olive trees and the sea, the boutique hotel of Marulivo regains its lost beauty of ancient XIV Century monastery.
Here, between the stones, the terracotta, the antique woodwork and the sea you will find a bend of charming rooms, picturesque corners and hidden places. Everything will lead you enjoying quietness and meditation thanks to a hosting service that puts you needs first; a unique place to find refuge as well as the often forgotten sense of things.

The terrace
An extraordinary terrace, made out of stones and terracotta overlooks crystal-clear waters and ancient olive trees, offering the ideal scenario for the most inspiring morning breakfasts or romantic cocktail hours at sunset in our lounge bar.
Here one can get lost in thought, looking at an enchanted landscape that fills the soul and lulls our guests in a sweet dawdling, truly tasting the essence of this land.

Marulivo Hotel - via Castello, 84066 Pisciotta ( SA ) - Cilento National Park - tel: +39 0974/973792 | fax: +39 0974/973647 | email:
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