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  Palinuro cape and caves  


Veduta aerea del Capo - Palinuro [ click to enlarge ]Palinuro Cape, extending into the sea with his extraordinary form of "pentadattilo" ( like a hand ), is one of the most beautiful in the coast of Campania, with its cliffs that fall in the sea from more than 50 metres.
Among the thousand cracks in the rocks above which towers over the lighthouse of Cape Palinuro, nesting birds of many varieties and growing plants and flowers typical of the Mediterranean climate.
But the real treasure of Cape Palinuro is below sea level: 32 caves, a paradise for divers, of which the most important is the blue cave, called in this way for the spectacular play of light on water, the cave silver and that sulphur, which contains a sulfur source of water.

Grotta Azzurra ( lighblue cave )
This is the most famous cavity, large and full of life. The two underwater entrances of the trail, which crosses Punta Quaglia, located 90 metres. The maximum depth is 33 metri.
The morphology of the cavity is very articulate. In the north side of the main tunnel opens a side branch ending after 18 meters of path at an altitude of 15 metres. Since sud-est side of the central hall and at the end of the main tunnel opens the great Hall of snow.

Interno di una grotta - Palinuro [ click to enlarge ]Hall of Snow
The great Hall of snow has dimensions of 26 x 45 metres. On its floor there is an area with 3 depressions in the shape of a tunnel with a share - 17 meters - 23 meters and flanks covered with small pebbles and boulders. From one of these depressions out sulphur spring.
From this main source out a stream of sulphurous water that rises, clearly visible, with a vertical diameter of approximately 70/80 cm. And an estimated speed of 15 meters per minute. And a substantial flow of water that goes to accumulate, to a lesser density, under a sort of dome at the top of the hall. Here is aduna a layer of sulphur water (temperature + 24 ° C) above normal seawater. The walls are concerned by sulphurous covered with a thick film, sometimes sfilacciata, white solfobatteri and flocculi that detach fromthe ceiling as a result of bubbles subacquei.Di discharged from the effect snowfall here!

The Cathedral
Large cavities submerged with 4 domes air inside. And 'moltolavata from sea conpavimento liscioe little life on pareti.Dopo a diver will emerge in different subaeree cavity. You may notice some phenomena related to the cave, such as dwarfism certain bodies compared to other conditions and depigmentation of sponges of the genus Petrosa. This cave is characterized by interesting forms of concrezionamento.

Spiaggia della Marinella - Palinuro [ click to enlarge ]Marinella Beach
The Marinella beach is one of the most disowned in Palinuro, it's at the end of Lambro river, located in a full of rocks walloon. This beach is reached by a long stair in the rock that arrives to the beach from the top of Palinuro cape. Sand is white and very soft and the wiew from this beach is incomparable, you can see the coast until Marina di Camerota.
In summer you can rent beach umbrellas and equipment directly on the beach.

Cala del Buondormire - Palinuro [ click to enlarge ]Buondormire Beach

Buondormire beach is a very little cale of Palinuro head, reached only by boat, has the most fine and clear sand of the cape, encircled from the reef to peak that surpasses who is dipped in its crystalline waters.

Arco Naturale Beach
Outside of the center of Palinuro, in direction of Marina di Camerota, the beach of "Arco Naturale", compound sand/rock, is famous for the natural arc, a majestic rocks construction that encloses one little bearch, place of rest for the gulls and other birds that make here theyr nests.

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